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Stylish but fair jackets and coats by designer brands that are committed to ethical standards and sustainability.



We feel with you: It is particularly difficult to find high-quality outerwear for women that has been produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Jackets and coats must be especially warm and weatherproof, often using conventional materials such as down or fur, which are no longer contemporary nor cruelty-free.. There are so many slow-fashion alternatives that are ethically correct and beautiful at the same time! Thanks to innovative and sustainable materials, we can dress in outdoor wear - which is authentic and timeless in its design - even in the cold months and at the same time protect the environment. . 


Discover on THE WEARNESS our selection of innovative and timeless designer jackets and luxury coats for women, which are produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Here you will find only fair outerwear from brands that are committed to various ethical standards: Some produce at fair wages, regionally in Europe, others support traditional crafts, charity organisations around the world or contribute to the preservation of our planet through the use of innovative and sustainable materials. But all our brands have one thing in common: they can guarantee outstanding quality for every product, from the stylish blouson to the fashionable bomber jacket to the classic denim jacket. Do you think it is impossible to produce ethical alternatives to leather jackets and down jackets in an environmentally friendly way? Then follow our Sustainability Icons. They show which sustainability standards your favourite product meets - charitable, eco-friendly, fair trade, handcrafted, made in Europe, organic, recycled, vegan, female empowerment or zero waste. Transparency and sustainability in fashion are close to our hearts!

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