Nina Rein

The sustainable fashion label Nina Rein proves: The love of excellent design and high-quality materials is possible without harming the environment.

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After working for fashion giants such as s.Oliver and Comma, Julia Ickert can definitely be called a fashion professional. Nevertheless, the German designer, whose roots lie in Kazakhstan, couldn't find what she was looking for: feminine fashion for today's sophisticated business woman, a woman that doesn't compromise on quality or sustainability. Also, her own role in an industry that did not share her values no longer seemed right to her. This is why she decided to become a founder herself in early 2018.

Nina Rein

Nina Rein

Julia Ickert designing the collection of her label Nina Rein

"I like clear shapes and cuts, but minimalism does not necessarily apply to my colour palette," says Julia Ickert, explaining the style of her label Nina Rein. The fashion emphasizes all the advantages of femininity, but always stays clean and never gets too pushy. If you're looking for short-lived trend pieces, you won't find them here. After all, Nina Rein designs should be wearable for more than one season. The label concentrates on proven classics of female wardrobe: perfectly fitted suits, slim blazers, coats and a large selection of business-suited dresses. The cuts are designed with great attention to detail, always remaining elegant and straightforward. Less restrained is the colour palette, it ranges from sky blue to bright orange.

The label only uses natural materials from organic farming and sustainable production.

Julia Ickert works with a wide range of different fabrics, including wool from Germany, Lyocell from France and Tencel from Portugal. Some materials are purchased outside the EU, such as silk, which is produced in India cruelty-free. The buttons are made exclusively from natural materials - a conscious statement against the worldwide flood of plastic.

Except for the denim parts, they are manufactured in a sustainable company in Tunisia, all designs are finished in Europe. The label cooperates with seamstresses in Lithuania, who produce the collections by hand:

"We know our seamstresses personally and make sure they are paid fairly. The knitwear is produced in Germany in a GOTS-certified factory. Like this, transport routes are kept short and emissions are reduced."

For Julia Ickert it was clear from the very beginning: Love for design and high-quality materials must also be possible without compromising on the environment.