For CRUBA, Berlin is not only a source of inspiration, but also a place of fine craftmanship: all work steps of the feminine-urban label take place in small family-run factories in the vicinity of the German capital – in favor of the environment and outstanding quality.

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When the first collection for CRUBA was created in 2009, Mira von der Osten had just moved from New York to Berlin and felt the vibrant city being an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The German capital even gave the new label its name. CRUBA stands for Creating a Resolution Using a Berlin Argument.

Mira von der Osten, the founder and designer of CRUBA.

"We are not limited to being minimalist or extravagant or lush. We can be all of the above! Our style is a direct result of what surrounds us," explains Mira von der Osten. That's why CRUBA is as diverse as Berlin. Clear lines and clean cuts meet artistic draping and dazzling fabrics. Feminine, yet cool and urban at the same time - a balancing act that the label manages excellently.


Campaign pictures of CRUBA.

"Today's design is not about creating new pieces, it's a service for women," says the designer. That's why the designs are not created on the computer, as usual, but actually on the body. During the design process, garments are repeatedly draped and tried out on live models. The focus is on the woman's body. This may seem a bit old-fashioned in the high-tech age, but it leads to a perfect fit. The pieces are all made of high-quality materials: cashmere, silk, wool and other natural fibres from Italy are used.

The production process in family-owned manufactories.

Short transportation distances for eco-friendly production

Sustainability is an important value of the label, which extends to all aspects of production. Since all steps are carried out within 250 km of Berlin, CRUBA can guarantee consistently high quality - but also fair working conditions and short transport distances. The result is timeless luxury goods with great respect for people and the environment. Clothing with integrity - that is the absolute opposite of disposable fashion.