A new label from Austria focuses not only on sustainability but also on the health of the one who wears it. Armargentum only uses materials made of "Miracle-Fiber", especially sensitive skin will benefit from - and it will even keep you young!

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It sounds like a cliché, but it is quite clear: health is our greatest asset. It's high time and the fashion industry recognized it. The newcomer label ARMARGENTUM from Austria plays a pioneering role here. The company sees itself as a holistically sustainable brand. This is why it not only focuses on ethically correct, ecologically responsible production, but also on creations that meet modern health requirements. 

Clothing against wrinkles and cellulite? To achieve this goal, the label devoted three years to the research. In cooperation with textile technologists, ARMARGENTUM developed a unique material that supports active regeneration and beautification of the skin in a completely natural way and also prevents cellulite: the Miracle-Fiber. 

Sophia Bitter Gründerin von Armargentum

Sophia Moser, the founder of Armargentum

This miracle fibre does even more: it helps to reduce odours, forms a protective shield against harmful environmental influences and, thanks to the light protection factor, it also protects you from the sun. In this way it prevents skin damage and premature skin aging. The innovative material is also suitable for extremely sensitive skin types: The feel of the silky soft cotton and jersey fabrics is so uncomplicated that you can only feel good!

By the way: The producer of the Miracle fiber has been awarded for its environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing process by the European Union with the European Environmental Award in the category "Sustainable Technologies". 

The label works sustainably throughout the entire process and made a conscious decision of not using plastic closures. Instead, ARMARGENTUM relies exclusively on environmentally friendly buttons made of Natural Ivory. They are made from the stone nut of the ivory palm that grows in the rainforests of Central America. It cannot be cultivated and thrives only in a clean environment. The harvest of the unique stone nut provides a livelihood for thousands of rainforest inhabitants.

Armargentum nachhaltige Blusen 

The collection comes in three different colors: black, white & beige

Brands like ARMARGENTUM should exist more often. They show that environmental and health awareness are not mutually exclusive. While new trends spring up every day, they concentrate on what counts: Design strong fashion with added value that deserves a permanent place in the wardrobe. 



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