Und Gretel is a real blessing for make-up fans: The Berlin-based beauty label makes natural decorative cosmetics in the most diverse colors and with the highest quality ingredients that nature can offer.

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Working as a make-up artist in the film and fashion industry, Christina Roth quickly realized how the vibrant colors and the high durability of professional decorative cosmetics normally occur: Through the use of controversial ingredients and synthetic preservatives. But she was also not satisfied with the alternatives from the natural cosmetics segment, nothing could convince her - neither with fine textures nor with color intensity.

Together with her business partner, marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann, she founded Und Gretel to eventually find a solution to this problem. Together, they set themselves the goal of creating the most multifaceted colors and the most beautiful textures - using only natural raw materials.

the wearness UND GRETEL dekorative Naturkosmetik Christina Roth und Stephanie Dettmann

Christina Roth und Stephanie Dettmann, the two founders of Und Gretel

The result of their long-time work is impressive: A reduced, carefully curated range that includes all shades that Christina has repeatedly used. The credo: "We don't need much, but the right thing." The product range offers all that is necessary - from concealer to eyebrow gel. Everything is so easy to use that anyone can do make-up like a professional.

Decorative natural cosmetics without synthetic preservation. Without chemical ingredients. Without compromise.

Und Gretel products do not contain any of the toxic and controversial ingredients found in most decorative cosmetic products. Instead, the label uses raw materials that grow ethically and sustainably and are in harmony with the environment and its conservation. From avocado oil and chamomile extract, to the distillate of muscatel ointment, and the wax that softens the texture of the products: all ingredients come directly from nature. This is shown by the certifications of BDHI Cosmos. The natural raw materials are then combined with the mineral pigments - all made in Europe: "In fact, we show on every single product in which country it is made: Germany or Italy".

the wearness Und Gretel dekorative Natur-Kosmetik

Christina Roth regularly publishes the latest Make-Up Trendlooks, which can be easily re-made thanks to detailed video tutorials. 

The creations of the two are tested and refined on stars, models, friends, and family - but never on animals! Because true beauty can only develop in a conscious balance between human beings and nature. Without synthetic preservation. Without chemical ingredients. Without compromise. Und Gretel is make-up with zeitgeist and a sustainable soul - right in the heart of Berlin.