The Parisian label Baboosha stands for high-class slippers. With the finest alpaca fur, cuddly and luxurious. A long-lasting must-have that impresses with style and colour selection. Traditional, high-quality design and natural materials score high in eco-glamour. 

  Zero Waste  Eco-Friendly Fair Handcrafted  Organic 

You might think slippers are just slippers. But you won't say that when you talk about the Paris label Baboosha. Here the slippers are incredibly comfortable, wonderfully warm and absolutely luxurious. Majestically almost. This fits, because their fine fur comes from the Peruvian Suri Alpaka, which grazes stately in the Andes at an altitude of over 3000 meters. The fur of the animals has a fine curl and an especially beautiful shine. And it's longer than the fur from other alpacas. The slippers in silky fur are designed in Paris with a soft leather heel and a comfortable footbed; in Peru each pair is handmade individually.

Grazing alpacas in their natural environment - the Peruvian Andes.

The style of the slippers is fun, the workmanship, on the other hand, follows the old craft tradition with great seriousness. Anyone who tigers over the parquet in delicate pink, sandy beige or gorgeous emerald green knows that he is on the move on highly environmentally friendly it-shoes or loitering on the couch. The fur comes from animals that live freely and are kept absolutely in accordance with their species.



Indigenous women in their traditional dress

Baboosha works closely and transparently with Peruvian suppliers to ensure that leather, fur and other materials come exclusively from sustainable and fair sources. In principle, no animals are slaughtered for the hides, but only those from animals that have died a natural death. Fur and leather are tanned and dyed with vegetable or ecologically compatible materials. Baboosha supports families in the Andes who are fairly remunerated.