Credit: Streuobstwiesen Manufaktur GmbH

    Yellow sheep nose, Minister von Hammerstein, Flamed Cardinal... what is behind these extremely poetic names? Old fruit varieties from which the Berlin start-up Ostmost produces juice, spritzers, and cider. The special thing about it: the eco-certified fruits come from species-rich fruit orchards. The aim of the founders Bernd Schock, Harald Alm, and Dennis Meier: to preserve these highly endangered biotopes with every sip of Ostmost and to plant new fruit orchards. The "small rainforests of Germany" are not well off - about 80 percent of East German orchards have now been cleared. A disaster for the environment, after all they are a real paradise for animals and plants, up to 5000 species find their home here. "Our fruits are harvested by hand and are farmed without pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, as is usual for orchards. Of course, all organic rules apply: OSTMOST products are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives and contain no genetic engineering. In addition we do without the use of animal-based aids to clarify beverages, which are therefore vegan", explains founder Dennis Meier.  


    More information and sources of supply at www.ostmost.berlin


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