This week, the wearness co-founder Julia Zirpel is a guest on Sibel Brozat's podcast "For brands and their makers". In the podcast, she shares fashion insights, talks about her personal start-up experiences with the wearness as well as the creation of a 100% biodegradable capsule collection. 

    Here's a quick teaser:


    Julia Zirpel, co-founder of "the wearness" - about her e-commerce for sustainable fashion and beauty.

    Julia Zirpel, Co-Founder of "the wearness", is a sustainable fashion ambassador and fashion editor. Julia had her first fashion moments at a young age. She grew up in India and Nepal and as a child experienced first-hand how precious clothes can be. "I remember the expressions of the women who could finally wear a sari they had saved so hard for. A new piece of clothing gave them dignity - it meant something.". As a fashion editor and fashion director at various magazines, she noticed more and more that fashion had become disposable: Bought in passing, carelessly put in the wardrobe and quickly discarded. A fact that the graduated designer no longer wanted to accept. For Julia, however, this was no reason to turn her back on fashion. On the contrary: she decided to devote herself to the subject even more intensively. In 2017, she decided to offer fashion-conscious customers with an environmental conscience a transparent shopping alternative and founded "the wearness" - an online marketplace for sustainable and high-quality fashion and beauty. "I think it would be great if people thought more about fashion, about what suits them, but also about the origin of a garment and its actual price. That feels much better in the end than blind consumerism."

    In today's episode we talk about:

    • the founding 4 years ago as a pioneer in this segment
    • what drove Julia to found "the wearness"
    • the challenges of finding the right target group
    • the impact of fast fashion on the environment
    • the appreciation of fashion in our society
    • why clothing is a communication tool and how to use it
    • the co-founders of "the wearness
    • tools and challenges in online marketing
    • which social media they use for which purpose
    • the importance of referral management
    • the biggest challenge, that the founders all have the same professional background and that some skills have to be acquired with great effort
    • the greatest success, to be inspired and encouraged in the project after live events. And the first own fully compostable collection pieces, which are sold out very quickly.
    • Julia's tip to talk about the project when you have a start-up idea, to create prototypes, to sound out the potential market
    • and many more exciting things.

    It's worth listening in.


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