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    When choosing accommodation, more and more people are paying attention to what sustainable criteria the houses, in which they spend their holidays, fulfill. More and more care is being taken to ensure environmental sustainability and social commitment, and above all to ensure that hotels use nature's resources with the greatest possible care. We present eight exceptional hotels built from recycled or natural materials - from Egypt to Valais. This week’s favorite:


    A real adventure: In the middle of a spruce forest, near Skinnskatteberg in Sweden, there are 12 small, very simple wooden huts, which are so densely overgrown with moss, mushrooms, and blueberries that they are hardly recognizable. You sleep on mattresses on the floor in front of the crackling fireplace and in the morning the singing of the birds wakes you up. If you want to brew your coffee, you first have to chop your own firewood and get fresh water from your own spring. Afterwards, a campfire is lit and cooked on. There is no electricity or running water in Kolarbyn. But untouched wilderness, moose and beaver safaris, the peace of the forest, and fantastic lakes very close for swimming or fishing. And a floating sauna. Part of the proceeds from Kolarbyn is used directly for the conservation of nature around the extraordinary hotel project. (Cabin from approx. 140 Euro, www.kolarbyn.se)

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