California Cuisine

    Sustainable cooking - how does that work? For example by using organic meat and fish. As well as seasonal fruits and vegetables from the region instead of pears from New Zealand or grapes from South Africa. And sauces and spices, preferably without artificial additives - industrial sugar is forbidden.

    Looking for suitable cookbooks? Our favorite:

    CALIFORNIA CUISINE by Kristina Koch

    A culinaric trip to the west coast of the USA! In this book, the food blogger "Homemade and Happiness" presents the latest trends from her adopted country: 100 healthy bowls, snacks, lunch recipes, drinks and salads. From eggplant-pizza with peanut-pesto to vegan cashew-pit-zaziki and from dandelion salad with chili-honey-melon to sweet potato-chocolate-cake with cinnamon. In addition, wonderful photos, features and travel tips that make you want to book a flight to California on the spot.
    California Cuisine
    Above: Dandelion salad with chili honey melon.  Salad with avocado.
    California Cuisine
    California Cuisine by Kristina Koch, EMF, 25 Euro.
    Photo credits ©EMF/Kristina Koch
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