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    Summer time is holiday time! We asked the successful Munich mum blogger Claire Nizeyimana, the founder of Cappu Mum about her favorite holiday destination Menorca:

    1. Why Menorca?

    I love the island and have been coming here with my family every summer for ten years. In 1993 the little sister of Mallorca was declared a Unesco biosphere reserve and thus undeveloped bays, picture-book beaches and a beautiful landscape can be found here. For me this is the most beautiful spot for holidays - turquoise sea, dream bays, fine sandy beaches and no hotel bunkers. Only two hours by plane from Munich but it feels much further away.


    Claire on a boat trip

    2. Your favorite place to relax on the island?

    The hidden bay of Cala Trebalúger in the south of Menorca with crystal clear turquoise shallow waters and a fine sandy beach. The bay can only be reached by boat or by foot - about an hour's walk - and it is therefore rarely crowded. A place to relax, to unwind and, to make plans. My recommendation: Walk there, through pine forests and along rocky cliffs, your time-out will begin with the first step!

    Fantastic views on the way to the hidden bay "Cala Trebalúger" on Menorca.

    3. Your Hot Spot ? 

    The small, beautiful harbor town of Ciutadella is my island hot-spot, a mini Palma: Sleeping in Can Faustino and being awakened by the scent of the sea. Sip a Cortado (a Spanish coffee speciality) sip in the Club Nàutic and admire the hustle and bustle at Port Ciutadella. Buy fresh prawns in the nostalgic fish market hall at Plaça la Llibertat. Eating tapas at C'an Rafa at the market (Plaça la Llibertat, 1, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca). And for a fine dinner we go to the Café Balear directly at the harbor, where Armani and Co. also stop when they anchor their yacht in front of the harbor.

    Menocra_Can-Faustino-Hotel_cappumum_thewearness Menorca_Port-Ciutadella_cappumum_thewearness
    Relaxing on the swimming pool terrace of the Hotel Can Faustino. The picturesque harbor of Ciutadella.

    Three items from the wearness you would like to take with you:

    Viu The wearnessJulia Diehl TascheJulia Diehl

    1. Sunglasses "THE BELOVED NUDE" from VIU Eyewear, 145 Euro. 2. Upcycled Bikini "DENIM DESTROYED" from Julia Diehl, 360 Euro. 3. Hand-crocheted Bag "INDIANA" from Julia Diehl, 225 Euro.

    A must for all fashionistas: Arvacas. Everybody is wearing them in the city and on the beach. Menorca shoes are produced on the island, partly in small factories. If you stroll through the streets of the cities, you might be lucky to see real shoemakers at work through house windows.

    The island is famous for handcrafted summer accessories.


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