2013 a group of five friends founded the eyewear brand VIU. The plan: refined design, sustainable, traditional production - at fair prices. This stylish formula worked out.

 Made in Europe


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If you wear VIU glasses and look well protected into the sun, you can be happy: Not only because you have a very chic item on your nose, no, also because you can reflect upon the fact that the high-quality accessory was made by hand in over 80 carefully coordinated steps - and that in a traditional company in Italy or on the Japanese island of Honshu. Why there? Because the five Swiss founders only wanted to bring eyeglasses and sunglasses onto the market, that have undergone a completely transparent manufacturing process.

Viu Gründer 

Four of the founders of Viu Eyewear:  Fabrice Aeberhard, Johannes Heinrich, Kilian Wagner, and Peter Kaeser  

"Our top priority is an incomparable, unique product. We don't want to imitate big labels or produce mass-produced goods." This was the original idea of the friends in 2013. The management team around Fabrice Aeberhard, Kilian Wagner, Peter Kaeser and Johannes Heinrich wanted to create a top product that is sustainably manufactured, which meets the highest quality and design demands and can still be obtained at really fair prices. The VIU eyewear brand has long since proven that this is not only wishful thinking. 

Viu Manufaktur

The manufacture of Viu, located in the mountains of Italy . A craftsman working on new VIU glasses.

Viu Making

The process of manufacturing the glasses

"We work as closely as possible with our suppliers and therefore know exactly what quality we get." The acetate, 70 percent made of cotton extract, comes from an Italian family business. The titanium comes from Japan. And the design is done in Switzerland!

VIU sees itself as an equal opportunity employer and offers women and men the same chances. Meanwhile, more than 200 employees are working here with a lot of commitment and creativity for this product, backing it one hundred percent. This is far from being the norm in the modern working world.