Santa Lupita

Mexico stands for sun, joie de vivre, and bright colors. This is what inspires Santa Lupita. Together with 85 Mexican craftswomen, the German label creates extraordinary and cheerful ethnic fashion. At the same time, it provides its contribution to the preservation of one of the most beautiful and elaborate clothing traditions.

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Jorge Acevedo and Tanya Waeber were born and raised in Mexico. In 2013, Jorge quit his job as an economist in Germany for a one-year trip around the world, during which his home country was to become an important stopover. The idea of Santa Lupita was born on this journey. Tanya, also an economist, co-founded the company in 2015. They were both enthusiastic about the traditional embroidery and weaving art of the country, but also had to learn that this elaborate art was slowly disappearing in its original quality. 

Santa Lupita mexikanische Kleider

Jorge Acevedo, the founder of Santa Lupita among some of the Mexican artisans

Tanya and Jorge have always been interested in fashion. Now they saw the opportunity to support the people and their craft while at the same time to bring the colourful, cheerful and extraordinary style of Mexico to Europe. The name of the label pays a tribute to the Mexican woman: "Lupita is the nickname for Guadalupe, the most common name in Mexico. You get the feeling every second woman in Mexico is called that. For the label, we wanted a name with a high identification value, both with Mexico and with women in general."

Santa Lupita mexikanische Kleider

Mexican artisans in the making of Santa Lupita dresses.

The collections are a statement of love towards Mexico. The traditional, colorful folklore patterns are combined with modern, simple, and comfortable cuts. For example, the fourth collection was inspired by the Mexican desert with its unique sun and wild desert plants. The result is a selection of dresses, tunics, trousers, skirts, and blouses that represent the perfect mix between urban chic and holiday simplicity.

A statement against cheap mass products in an ethnic look

Santa Lupita is very attached to the concept of slow fashion. The label is a statement against cheaply produced fashion in an ethnic look. Each piece is based on century-old embroidery and weaving art of the ethnic peoples of Mexico, which has been passed down from generation to generation. The brand works with 85 mostly female artisans from 17 different communities. These are also involved in the design process. The embroidery and woven fabrics are all produced by hand using traditional methods and tools. The women can do most of the work from home so that their family life does not suffer.

 Santa Lupita mexikanische Kleider

The label uses only natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool. For some collections Santa Lupita already works with natural dyestuff. Soon all products will only be dyed in an environmentally friendly way. Other models are made of recycled cotton yute fabric. In addition, leftover fabrics from earlier collections are incorporated into the development of later collections in order to avoid fabric wastage. Glamorous ethnic fashion that supports Mexico's centuries-old folklore - sustainability can be so beautiful.