Fair, sustainable, cool: The start-up label REER3 places handmade designer prints on modern urban fashion. These creations have a recognition value!

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To make it as a fashion designer, you definitely need a bit of luck, in addition to talent and diligence. Klara Vitória Christ definitely had luck: Right after her fashion design graduation she got the chance to work for Iris van Herpen in Amsterdam. She supported the three-dimensional fashion icon in three collections before moving to Copenhagen to work for Anne Sofie Madsen. "After working for Iris and Anne Sofie as couturiers and craftsmen, I moved to Rich&Royal in Freiberg for another six months. I used this time to become more familiar with working on computers. Being able to translate my creativity into artwork on the computer is absolutely fascinating," says Klara.

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Klara - the founder of the fashion start-up REER3

With her new knowledge, she dared to take the step and found her own label. REER3 is composed of the initials of her grandparents, who gave her her fighting spirit. The 3 stands for close three-way relationship. For her own fashion line, Klara combines the artistic with the sustainable:

"We use T-shirts and sweatshirts made of organic cotton according to the GOTS standard,"

she explains. This guarantees that no genetic engineering, artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used in their production. On top, they use small amounts of recycled polyester.

It is just as important for the label that fair production takes place. The supplier is a member of the FairWearFoundation, an international organisation that ensures that the working conditions of employees meet international standards and are strictly controlled. The organisation follows the standards of the international labour organisation and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

"Our supplier supports the employment and poverty reduction of women".

The label is also PETA-certified. "This means that our suppliers don't do animal testing. They promise never to do it," explains the founder and adds:

"In addition, our clothing is made of vegan materials. You can be sure that no animal was hurt during the production."
The handmade prints made from Klara's designs, are then applied to these textiles. Some of them are simple logo prints that only catch the eye because of their clever placement. Others are large and geometric. They all are of high quality, and you can see the couture experience of the founder.
By the way: almost all of the label's hoodies are unisex. Another great and contemporary statement from a fashion start-up that already does everything right.



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