PB 0110

To create a lifelong companion: This is the high standard of PB 0110, the bag label from Hanover. To achieve this, founder Philipp Bree relies on high-quality natural materials with character, that age beautifully. And clean designs that don't define the user, but adapt without being adapted.

handcrafted made in Europe organic eco friendly fair 

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Philipp Bree managed the family business BREE together with his brother for ten years, before presenting his first own bag collection in Berlin, and Paris in 2013. Since his childhood, he had the time to find out what it takes to create the perfect bag at his parents' company. Philipp worked in every department of BREE before he became the head of the company years later. 

Philipp Bree von PB0110 
Philipp Bree, the founder of PB 0110

The collections of his own label are more minimalistic and more contemporary. In addition to classic shoppers and shoulder bags, PB 0110 also has backpacks and waist bags. Various designers, including Christine Ahrens and Ayzit Bostan, are constantly exploring and reinterpreting the brand's philosophy. Over time, a diverse product family emerged with all models carrying the same minimalistic handwriting. 

Over the years, the leather becomes more and more beautiful

However, he still retains much of what he learned from his time at BREE. For example, the material: Naturally tanned leather already played an important role and quickly became the perfect raw material for the ideal bag for Philipp Bree. PB 0110 products are made exclusively of natural leather, linen and pure brass. Over the years, the leather becomes more and more beautiful by developing a unique patina. This is how favorite pieces with character are created. 

Manufaktur PB0110
Philipp Bree (upper row, third from right) together with the craftsmen and women in Poland.

The vegetable tanned cowhide for the production comes from Belgium, everything else from Italy and Germany. In Poland and the Czech Republic, the components are then carefully assembled by hand in small family-run businesses. Raw materials are used very economically. "Leftover leather is being used for new products. We claim to consume all materials completely." We believe that these are the best conditions for an ideal bag.

  Manufaktur PB0110

Manufaktur PB0110

Craftswoman at the manufacturing process in Poland.