Created with love for every detail. The southern German label NTHIRTYTHREE stands for genuine craftsmanship from local production. A label that focuses on headwear - in natural colors, sustainably produced, in a classic-timeless and puristic style. From crushable wool felt hats to wide-brimmed fedora felt hats.  

Charitable Made in Europe Eco-Friendly Fair Handcrafted   


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Founder and designer Niklas Beer has always been fascinated by hats. During his studies and various stops abroad, his desire to create something of his own was born. His interest in classic craftsmanship and his love for special materials gave him the idea to create a brand dedicated to this unique accessory. For him, the hat symbolizes freedom, elegance and casualness at the same time. And yet, in his eyes, the hat industry was stagnant, even obsolete. Niklas goal was born: the renaissance of headwear.  
"Hats have always been an extraordinary work of art to me. A hat is a unique and timeless fashion accessory that enhances any outfit and exudes joy and positivity. These values drove me to write my own story and design the perfect hat that truly fits everyone." Niklas explains.


Niklas Beer
Niklas Beer, the founder and designer of NTHIRTYTHREE

He began drawing sketches of modern timeless hats while bringing his own ideas to life.

"When I started NTHIRTYTHREE, I wanted to create my own version of a modern timeless hat, with high quality and sustainable materials." 

Not long after, he started making the first samples in a small traditional hat factory in Warsaw. Thus, the RANCHER was born. The name NTHIRTYTREE stands for his initials "N" and his lucky number 33.

NTHIRTYTHREE is inspired by natural shades, timelessly classic and can be combined in a modern way. The focus is on the shape of the hat and the materials used. Every seam, every design and every choice of material is made deliberately and carefully to create the perfect hat.

Crafting the hats in a small manufactory in Europe.

The collections are produced exclusively in selected, small manufactories in Europe. The most important criteria are high-quality, traditional craftsmanship and common sustainability goals. Close and personal contact with the manufactories is particularly important to Niklas. Each production site is visited and inspected regularly at least once a year. In addition, great importance is placed on sustainable biodegradable and recyclable materials. 100% natural wool felt sustainably harvested, is used. In addition, short delivery distances between the production site and the warehouse are a top priority in order to reduce the environmental footprint while offering customers a highly personalized and exclusive service.