Neu Nomads

Relaxed aesthetics made from plant-based materials. Neu Nomads is a women-owned, New York-based, sustainable fashion label. Minimalist fashion, at affordable prices with a 100% clean supply chain. 

 Eco-Friendly Fair Handcrafted Organic Female Empowerment


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The label was founded by two fashion industry insiders. Angela Postels and Karen Wood met many years ago in New York. At the time, Angela was running a production agency and Karen was working at Fleur du Mal. They lost touch and met again in 2018 when Angela moved to Delhi to manage a large factory that produced for European luxury brands.
During a Skype conversation about what it means to be a fashion brand in a time of global change and new environmental awareness, the desire to collaborate was born.
At a meeting in Munich - Angela is originally from Germany, and Karen had married a German husband, and was in for Christmas - the idea for the label was born.

Neu Nomads

Angela Postels and Karen Wood, the founders of Neu Nomads

The vision: beautiful garments at affordable prices, sourced from a clean supply chain. A collection for global citizens, modern minimalists and conscious consumers.
From design to fabric to color, every product created at Neu Nomads is thought and produced sustainably.

Signature plant-based fabrics like satin TENCEL™ made from natural beech wood, eco-jersey made from 80% organic cotton and 20% SeaCell™ - a luxurious silky fiber made from seaweed and eucalyptus fibers, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton flannel, linen, one of the most eco-friendly textiles in the world, made in Lithuania in a factory that runs exclusively on green electricity since 2017, and Eco-Cashmere, a cotton-cashmere blend yarn from Mongolia, made in a cooperative in the valleys of Kathmandu, are sourced from sustainable and renewable natural resources and are breathable and washable.

All dyes are non-toxic, OEKO certified and AZO free. For example, the satin TENCEL™ fabric is dyed in a state-of-the-art dyeing factory in India that adheres to the highest environmental and social standards. The factory is powered by solar energy and excess energy is returned to the local community. The water used for dyeing is collected in reservoirs from the monsoon rains and then purified and processed with non-toxic and AZO-free dyes. Nearly 90% of the water used in dyeing is recycled at a shared wastewater treatment plant. The industrial park was supported by grants in cooperation with the UN and the European Commission under the SWITCH-Asia initiative. The dyes for the eco-cashmere are sourced from Switzerland and are standardized and environmentally friendly. The factory is one of the most modern in Nepal and invests in the children of marginalized and underprivileged employees by sponsoring their education in private schools to ensure quality education.

Packaging is recycled and biodegradable. Instead of plastic poly bags, Neu Nomads uses 100% biodegradable bags. All paper packaging is made from recycled cotton fabrics sourced from local garment factories and processed into 100% recycled paper.

Manufacturing is done in family-owned factories that pay fair wages and provide health care. Karen and Angela are not only very familiar with the production standards and processes of the collections, but also have close ties to the families and communities they work with. They themselves regularly inspect every step of the supply chain to ensure that sustainability standards are met and workers are treated fairly. From the founders to the workers in the factories to their customers, Neu Nomads is committed to empowering the growing number of women worldwide. 85% of the garments are made in a family-run factory in Delhi that provides healthy working conditions, health care, and wages well above subsistence level. The rest of the collections are made in factories in Portugal, Lithuania and Nepal that are female-owned and meet the same standards.

Neu Nomads
Neu Nomads
Manufacturing is made in a family-run factory in Delhi that provides healthy working conditions, health care, and wages well above subsistence level.

Neu Nomads is committed to transparency and traceability of the production process from start to finish. In fact, the collections are sourced from a supply chain that is 100% traceable. This is something you don't often see in the industry.

"There is no human nature, only nature. Life operates through symbiosis. To take care of the natural world is to take care of ourselves, our families and our communities."

Even with the highest standards of sustainability, Neu Nomads never forgets to keep an eye on the prize. They believe that beautiful clothing should be affordable and accessible. To achieve this, they work directly with suppliers and are able to offer exceptional quality products without the usual markups.

With these visions, they have taken the best of what they have learned in over 30 years in the industry and incorporated it into a forward-thinking business model that aligns with their ideal of a more sustainable and just world. A label that puts ethics first and is committed to sustainability and traceability.