La Bande Berlin

The slow fashion label La Bande Berlin comes, as the name suggests, from Berlin. It combines French nonchalance with a modern Berlin attitude: minimalistic, timeless, high-quality, versatile and at the same time laid-back. The special touch: all pieces can be combined with each other.  

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La Bande Berlin was founded by Claudia Bothe. For more than 12 years she worked as a fashion designer for renowned labels. She was assistant to Hussein Chalayan in London and Head of Design at Étoile Isabel Marant in Paris. In 2015, she moved to Berlin where she first developed the ready-to-wear collection for Liebeskind and most recently worked as Head of Design at Lala Berlin.

La Bande Berlin

Claudia Bothe, the founder of La Bande Berlin

For her wedding in 2017, Claudia developed a high-end and sustainable version of the so-called "multitie dresses" for her friends. After more requests followed, she decided to start her own label after the birth of her son: La Bande Berlin.

In 2021 she launched the "Silk Mix & Match" collection. A silk collection consisting of individual pieces which can all be combined perfectly with each other. Depending on the occasion, for example, the top can be combined with the skirt, a wider or slimmer pair of pants. Every woman can thus easily put together her own personal look - and add further items at any time.

La Bande Berlin
La Bande Berlin
All products in the Mix & Match Collection can be combined with each other, suitable for office, leisure or festive occasions.

For Claudia Bothe, fashion is an important part of human culture, and she believes in its high social value. At the same time, she is aware that fashion is a major cause of environmental damage. Her conviction: slow fashion as a new way to unite both - fashion culture and a responsible way of dealing with the environment. Her principle: "Buy less, but better" in the form of durable, high-quality and timeless products.

Thus, all fabrics are compostable. For the wrap dresses, an acetate yarn is used that is produced in Spain from an American raw material. The manufacturing process requires no chemical solvents and is water efficient. The labels come from Italy and are made from recycled polyester. The production is regionally bound and is located in Berlin Weissensee and in Poland. All suppliers are BSCI, OEKO TEX, Blue Sign certified. Fabric scraps are made into accessories or used as packaging material. In addition, for each order a tree is planted as CO2 compensation.

“As a young brand, our aspiration is to consider what is possible at every step and to cultivate the ambition to constantly improve ourselves to make the world a healthier and fairer place."

La Bande Berlin's vision is a functioning circular economy: preserving resources and materials as long as possible, using them as often as possible and generating as little waste as possible. Reduce, reuse, recycle. After all, long-lasting fashion doesn't mean boring fashion; on the contrary. It provides the framework needed for expressing one's own individuality.