Karolin Helou

If you close a door, a new one opens. After 18 years as a fashion editor at Madame magazine, Karolin Helou decided to quit - and give her passion for fashion a new, deeper meaning: "The world and especially the fashion world has simply changed a lot: Everything has become more superficial, creativity and passion fall by the wayside."

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As the daughter of a Syrian and a German, who grew up in Venezuela and Peru, she already collected handicrafts and textiles from the most different cultures of the world in her childhood. The trained fashion designer has been playing with the idea of supporting traditional craftsmanship and developing something new in this direction for quite some time.

Langer Seidenrock zum dicken Pullover Handgefertigte Tasche 

Karolin Helou im rosa Anzug Jeans Anzug

Fair luxury fashion without sacrificing quality and style

Karolin prefers to spend her free time at and in the sea. As a passionate kite surfer, she regularly travels to the most beautiful surf spots in the world with her husband and two children. So the pollution of the oceans and the garbage problem, have become a real affair of the heart for her. Karolin was immediately convinced when Julia Zirpel and Jennifer Dixon introduced her to the idea of the wearness: This concept exactly reflects her ideals. As part of the wearness, she wants to contribute to changing the current perception of fair and sustainable luxury fashion - without sacrificing style and quality. "We want to make a difference in people's minds. We also want to awaken their sensitivity to the question of where things come from, what raw materials are used, and how production works," explains Karolin.

Karolin's look: modern bohemian style with sporty influences

Over the years, Karolin has developed her own style: "Personally, I have always consciously opposed the fashion mainstream and looked for things that are not yet available on the market, that are extraordinary and perhaps also look different". This is how Karolin's signature look is created: modern bohemian style, influenced by fashion, art, travel, and of course her greatest passion, surfing.

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