A tribute to the bee. The natural cosmetics brand JUST BEE NICE uses bee ingredients for highly effective skin and face care to minimize visible signs of aging. Additionally, bees are supported and protected through flowering sponsorships and renaturation projects. 

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The founder of JUST BEE NICE, Annette Wanner, looks back on 20 years of experience in the communications industry, including working for renowned international agencies such as BBDO and Serviceplan, as well as with her own communications and PR agency for fashion and lifestyle brands. Her love for bees and living with them in her garden inspired her to start her own cosmetics line that uses the unique properties of bee products.

Just Bee Nice

Annette Wanner, the founder of JUST BEE NICE

The vision of JUST BEE NICE: a natural skin and face care system that uses the extraordinary properties of active bee ingredients for anti-aging. Royal jelly for skin regeneration, bee venom as a natural Botox and propolis as a refreshing booster - the miracle cures of bees. Old apothecary recipes are combined with the latest scientific findings to ensure maximum effectiveness.

"The healing power of bee ingredients is a miracle. A miracle that I wanted to share. The idea matured in me to create a small, fine cosmetic line that relies on the healing power and effectiveness of the best and natural bee products."

The sustainable orientation of JUST BEE NICE is reflected in the entire philosophy of the brand. Production takes place in small manufactories in Germany, and the raw materials are mostly sourced from the region or German-speaking countries. With a view to environmental protection, the brand largely dispenses with plastic and instead relies on environmentally friendly amber glass for the packaging, which is additionally delivered unpackaged. JUST BEE NICE products are free of chemical and synthetic ingredients, mineral oils, parabens, silicones or genetically modified raw materials. A respectful extraction of the bee products in manageable quantities is in focus to protect the bee colonies.

However, JUST BEE NICE's commitment goes beyond skin care. The brand supports flower sponsorships and renaturation projects to provide bees with more habitat and protect their valuable population.