Jennifer Dixon

Sometimes a conversation between colleagues changes the view of things - and in the end, maybe even the world. That's what happened to Jennifer Dixon in 2017. After 14 years with a fashion magazine, and then as editorial director at a luxury platform, she realized: "It was always about bringing great fashion to women. Without taking a deep breath and thinking about it: Isn't it too much? The topic of sustainability hadn't crossed her mind at all for a long time, like many others in the industry - the studied fashion journalist likes to admit this today. 

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"I didn't realize how many cool and fantastic labels out there were doing everything right."

It was only at a dinner with Julia Zirpel, that she began to fundamentally question the production methods of fashion and the idea for the wearness emerged. "The more I delved into the subject, the more I was fascinated. I didn't realize how many cool and fantastic labels out there were doing everything right." Jennifer Dixon is now convinced that a responsible approach to fashion would be possible if everyone were involved. Because there are so many alternatives now that simply have to be discovered.

Dicker Handstrick Pullover Smokingblazer

Handgestrickter Schal 

Jennifer is convinced that every path leading away from mass production is the right one. It is particularly important to show how noble, but also how luxurious fair fashion can be: "For us as fashion editors, sustainability used to have a dusty image. Now we can offer what we like to wear ourselves."

 Jennifer's Look: Basics with that special something

Jennifer finds inspiration for her own look in street styles at Fashion Weeks in Stockholm or Copenhagen. "My go-to-basic is still jeans, in any shape!" She also likes to combine great shirts and cozy pullovers, and has a particular weakness for unusual accessories, which never push into the forefront loudly, but rather make a perfect look.

Jennifer's favorite products on the wearness can be found here for shopping.