The Munich-based label hello'ben makes sustainable fashion made in Germany - without an "eco touch". Minimalist designs, in a timeless, trendless style. The credo: "We don't make seasons. We do clothes for warmer and colder days."

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The idea for hello'ben came up in 2017. At that time, it was still three of them. Their dilemma: they loved fashion but felt guilty while shopping. The three were far too aware of the poor production conditions and the resulting consequences of fashion consumption.

While travelling, they noticed that there were many new brands in California and Australia that produced beautiful and timeless fashion - regionally, socially and from sustainable materials.  Inspired by this, they decided to start their own label in Germany. Minimalist designs that they themselves would love to wear, in a timeless, trendless style. The idea was born.

But three became one. Only the name remained: BEN originally stood for their initials. In August 2019, Nicola Hillmeister founded hello'ben on her own. Since then, she works with a master tailor in Munich and manufactures the collection at an old textile manufacturer in Jahnsdorf near Chemnitz.


Nicola Hillmeister, the founder of Hello'Ben

The top priority of the Munich label is to produce in Germany in order to keep the production distances short and to ensure fair wages and good working conditions.

Another major focus of hello'ben is the sourcing of materials. The aim is to optimise the materials used so that all meet 100% the recycling principles. Nicola always looks for the best possible option in fibre production, including CO2 emission, toxicity, energy, water and land consumption. She restricts materials to 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 100% organic cotton, linen, bamboo silk and organic wool.

To keep up with the latest research, she works with a consultant.Her goal: to eventually have all fabrics produced herself in order to have full transparency in the supply chain.

Hello Ben

Fitting during the design process

Just as important as the materials is the design: Hello'ben makes fashion that you fall in love with - in autumn, winter, spring and summer.

The credo: "We don't do seasons, we do clothes for warmer and colder days".

Nicola does not claim to be perfect. She wants to make things better step by step and integrate social responsibility into consumption. Meanwhile, hello'ben stands for "hello, be nice".