ELIXR Mundöl

Oil drawing, a traditional beauty ritual from Ayurveda, stands for versatile, caring beauty effects.

The Munich family start-up ELIXR gives oil pulling a new luxury image - with exquisite essential oils, exclusively vegan, and on a natural plant basis, paired with a modern design.

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Oil extraction is an almost forgotten but proven beauty ritual from Ayurveda. Every morning before brushing your teeth, a tablespoon of oil is moved in your mouth like a mouthwash. After 5-10 minutes you spit out the oil. For many, the feel-good ritual seems like a myth from ancient times.

ELIXR Mundöl Gründer

Philipp and Jenny Rathgeber, the founders of ELIXR

Philipp and Jenny had long been convinced of the advantages of the method. "But pure cooking oil on an empty stomach is a struggle every morning. Starting the day with a tasty ritual could be so pleasant after all. Developing this was our motivation". This gave rise to the idea of creating a high-quality premium product that is convincing in terms of design and taste and also combines an emotional component.  

By combining an Ayurvedic base oil with natural essential oils, ELIXR turns tradition into an exclusive taste experience for all senses. The founders developed three varieties of the Daily Oil Rituals, which underline the personal mood in the morning: HARMONY Serenity & Balance, ENERGY Energy & Vitality and PURITY Clarity & Freshness.

The origin of the oils is particularly important:

"For ELIXR Daily Oil Rituals we use selected high-quality essential oils. We do not use artificial flavours, additives, colourings or preservatives. All our products are certified natural cosmetics, certified by BDIH Cosmos".

A fair, green lifestyle is also close to the heart of the Munich-based start-up: "We attach great importance to the attributes vegan, organic and Made in Germany". We are thrilled how contemporary old traditions can be!