Upcycled Vintage-Shirt aus Baumwolle

The Berlin-based label After March is not only chic, but also a call-to-arms statement in support of slow fashion: these hand-picked shirts from local vintage stores are revved up by turning the arms into wings!

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For April von Stauffenberg, it was a long road that led her to her own slow fashion label. For years, the writer, curator, and journalist was a real fast-fashion addict. "I used to think of myself as the last savior of clothes before they hit the landfills in Africa, buying up every last bit of unwanted sale Zara. I called Zara my “crack” and used to joke with friends about going to get a crack fix." But after the collapse of the Rana Plaza production site and the documentary "The True Cost" her view of fashion changed. Today she refuses to participate in a system that rewards slave labor and sees herself as an advocate for educating the greater public.

April von Stauffenberg in After March

April von Stauffenberg, the founder of After March, wearing one of her cape-shirts

She still writes about contemporary art, but the American-born journalist decided to dedicate herself to a topic where it’s possible to evoke real change. She sees great potential in fashion: "It’s quite possible that instead of fashion being the 2nd largest cause of pollution in the world that it becomes the pioneer of world-changing practices."

From deadstock to statement pieces

The idea of the label After March developed from a desire to make the sustainable also stylish. The inspiration behind the cool, up-cycled shirts came directly from the catwalk. At Vetements, she discovered a button-up shirt with a double collar on the back that imitates the front — for a whopping heart-attack 1250 Euro. With a few vintage shirts and "do-it-yourself" energies, she created her first deconstructed cape shirt — and with it the idea for After March.

Upcycled Shirt aus Baumwolle in Blau Upcycled Shirts aus Baumwolle in Schwarz gestreift Upcycled Vintage Shirts aus Baumwolle

Capeshirt in grün gestreift aus Baumwolle

All shirts are unique and will make you want to fly!

April buys her high-quality shirts in Berlin second-hand shops. "Often they are unworn ‘deadstock’, which still carry the labels of the original manufacturers,” she explains. They are all made of 100% cotton, and she pays attention to the countries of origin. Most of them come from Germany, Italy and France. From these shirts April creates cool It-shirts by modifying the sleeves until they look like wings. She works with local tailors in Berlin and everything is transported by the wheels of her own bike.

After March shows how beautiful recycling can be! For more about April, read this inspiring interview.