Sustainable, elegant, minimalist. The brand Feuerstein from the Swiss Engadine stands for high-quality and sustainable skincare. Purest herbal extracts in organic quality from Swiss cultivation based on ancestral knowledge about the soothing effect of alpine herbs.  

Charitable Made in Europe Zero Waste Eco-Friendly Fair  Recycled Organic 


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It was 2005 when interior designer Madlaina Feuerstein decided to keep her grandfather's legacy alive. He had been a naturalist, poet and photographer. Such a valuable heritage as that of her grandfather Domenic Feuersteins simply had to be used and paired with the necessary passion and love for nature Madlaina decided to let his profound knowledge of Swiss herbalism flow into her own face and body care line. After several years of development in a Swiss laboratory, her label Feuerstein was born.

Surrounded by Swiss stone pine forests, mountain meadows and steep peaks, Madlaina Feuerstein combined the characteristics of alpine herbs with the findings of modern cosmetic research.

"It is an indescribable feeling to walk across a blooming mountain meadow in spring, to breathe the scent of fresh alpine herbs and flowers deep into our hearts. To let the sun caress our face. Looking at the point where the mountain peaks touch the sky. It is the moment when our soul dances." Domenic Feuerstein (1900-1949), Naturalist, poet and grandfather of the founder

Today, Feuerstein is still based in the Engadine and stands for products made exclusively from sustainable raw materials, processed in Switzerland. Under new ownership since 2019, the husband-and-wife team Oliver and Mara Wulkan Feuerstein. Mara worked for many years in the travel industry. Oliver was managing director of ALDI Suisse for over 10 years. During a wedding at the Hotel Guarda Val in Lenzerheide, both got to know and love the Feuerstein products.

Mara and Oliver Wulkan, the leaders of Feuerstein

The focus is still on creating a balance of mental and physical health and radiant beauty. Feuerstein products strengthen the natural protective function of the skin with the help of the power of Engadine alpine herbs and the ancestral knowledge of generations. Many local herbs are traditionally used for healing or well-being. For example, calendula has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. Edelweiss can prevent sun-related skin changes. Peppermint, which is antimicrobial, is credited with purifying effects. Lemon balm can soothe and refresh the skin. Linden blossom extract is used to soothe irritations. Lady's mantle is considered to promote blood circulation.

The product range of Feuerstein

Feuerstein sources only high-quality ingredients from transparent suppliers. In most cases in organic quality from sustainable cultivation in Switzerland. If this is not possible, for example for exotic ingredients, they rely on equally ecologically valuable raw materials. They extract the natural contents gently at room temperature to preserve the active ingredients of the plants during processing. Herbal raw materials are processed in their purest form. Without parabens, mineral oil, silicone and kerosene. Without unnecessary additives. And of course, without animal testing. For optimal skin compatibility.

"Nature is our guide." Mara Wulkan, Managing Director

Environmentally friendly measures reduce emissions and lower the consumption of raw materials. Feuerstein produces in modern facilities with the highest efficiency. Long transport routes are avoided by cultivation and production in Switzerland. Raw materials are sourced from organic cultivation wherever possible. Waste is avoided through refillable bottles and recycled PET. The natural cartons are produced nearby and they are 100% recyclable.

What else is special about Feuerstein? The design. The "F" flows around all products and has great recognition value.